Re: [NTLK] Whats wrong with the "Knowledge-Navigator"?..

From: Mark Jozaitis (
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 17:49:06 PST

Well, Since I'm not one to make another look bad I
usally don't relay e-mails like this but what the
"Knowledge-Navigator" e-mailed me was VERY RUDE, and I
think you all should know this...

e-mail #1

"I see you are causing problems for me on the
list...Be very carful here my friend.
I wouldnt want to be put off in a foul mood with
negative comments that are directly your fault."

e-mail #2:

"i dont know what your talking about, i got the
picture off google.
i have also been following your raping on newtontalk. 
Im pretty sure that noone thinks that you were me...i
dont lie about 'like new' newtons and send newtons
that are crap. 
I still have not gotten any further information
regarding the leather carrying cases...i suppose that
perhaps the others in your office forgot to forward
the information to me?
have a good day."

e-mail #3:

"one more thing: tooken is not a word.

------Yeah that was the MOST RUDE one------

These e-mails were very RUDE, after I had asked about
my picture he e-mails things like this... Thats why I
asked you all what I should have done regaurding
this... I really wanted to "partner-up" with him
selling Newton stuff, but NOW I can clearly see that
would be a BAD IDEA, and I would not reccomend ANY
ONE, to do so... I had at one point considered buying
some NotePhones, BUT well I think he just blow his
change at having a supporter, to both buy and sell...
NOW I know that the Mr. "Knowledge-Navigator", is NOT
One to deal with... He is 100 ercent NOT like the
Apple "Knowledge-Navigator" Prototypes Apple had:)...

Well thats what I have to say on this now...

Thanks Again!
Mark Jozaitis

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