[NTLK] Newbie : iCal and nSync problem

From: Matthew Duffy (newyorkjetsfan_at_gmail.com)
Date: Fri Nov 12 2004 - 08:21:32 PST

Hello All

Have just bought my first Newton, a 2100, on ebay and love it. Have
managed to get my wi-fi card working with it today along wth Dock
TCP/IP, Escale and NewtSync. I did get the version of ical error at
first, but now have the latest version of nsync installed, so it
should be working.

So, here is my problem. Names are syncing fine, but dates still will
not. The processing finished, but when its doing the dates it only
says it is syncing 2 records, and then nothing is there in my Newt.
Anyone any idea what may be happening? There is a ton of dates on my


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