Re: [NTLK] Whats wrong with the "Kno-Ngator"?..

From: W L (
Date: Sun Nov 14 2004 - 02:20:39 PST

Even more fun, in the archive at ferdi has alot to
say, even an apology to list members(but an empty one). Then one day,
he tries to help somebody sell a 'new in box' newton, not only does
ferdi 'never' helps competiton but he posted in 'ALL CAPS.', probably to
help differentiate his post versus the selling posts of his alter ego.
Problem is he 'works' at U of Alberta and I've gotten lots of 'NC-17
emails' from his access of many University computers, two were from
mobile email clients, if only the pres. of Alberta only knew...even his
emails got 'swiped', since I never got a response to my formal complaint
about ferdi to the 'pres'(hit the email link on his webpage). :-/

Robert Benschop wrote:
> Hm, interesting, as always, but vintage Ferdi. Apart from the regular=20
> abuse it also includes masses of spelling mistakes and the use of the=20
> lower case 'i' all over the place.
> The abuse itself isn't even shocking by now for most of the list, we=20
> know what to expect...
> Robert Benschop

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