[NTLK] Woo's New Toys...

From: W L (vitcitylb_at_earthlink.net)
Date: Sun Nov 14 2004 - 02:21:07 PST

Well, it's been time for the new toys...

1. Powerbook G4(Titanium) 667mhz., last of the OS 9 bootable. Whole
NewtonStuff 6.9 for LANUG members, yes, a Mac-centric cd's are
available, again.
2. Powerbook G3(Pismo), PB G4 backup of course.
3. Sony DSC-F88, for Grants LARGER pics. ;-)
4. In the mail, Ambicom BT-2000CF, will try ASAP and donate(if the
donate button works).
5. Will order some eMate boards from Mr.PCBMan, will also be available
for LANUG members at cost.

Next LANUG meeting hopefully Nov. 20th., Sat., maybe at the Grove???
Mike D?
Don L?

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