[NTLK] NET Bible in Newton Book format

From: Puckdropper (puckdropper_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 20:22:22 PST

http://www.netbible.com has a version of The Bible
that I'd like to convert to NewtonBook format. I have
contacted the people involved with Net Bible, and
they're interested in trying to help me as much as
they can. They have a few questions, though:

1) Would Newton users be willing to pay $10 or so for
a download of it? NET Bible is part of bible.org,
which is trying to finance some other projects.
2) Can I use Paperback
(http://www.thefedors.com/pobox/) to do it, if
bible.org sells the download? There's no formal
license on the page, so I have to assume it's ok.


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