Re: [NTLK] NET Bible in Newton Book format

From: James Wages (
Date: Tue Nov 16 2004 - 00:57:19 PST

On 11/16/04 3:57 PM, Puckdropper <> wrote:
> How does that help me with the Newton?

That iPod link definitely DOESN'T help. Interesting to be sure, but only if
you have an iPod -- which really isn't pertinent to this forum anyway!

Personally, I use The Message with KJV, RSV and now NIV packages. The
Message is nice but there are no other Bible versions available for it, and
as you mention, there are some other good ones out there. But The Message
has its flaws too. Searching could be greatly improved, and you cannot
scroll up until you first have scrolled down from that point. But sadly, I
doubt we'll ever see any new Bible software out for the Newton. And thus
your suggestion of putting other Bible versions into book-reader format.

I'm always willing to pay a little for something like this, but it all
depends on how good the reader is. I cannot imagine using anything less
capable than The Message, as it is the bare minimum of what I require. I
only wish there was some equivalent of Online Bible for the Newton. Now
that would be stunning!

--James Wages

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