Re: [NTLK] PC Serial Connection Problems with 2100

From: Dan (
Date: Tue Nov 16 2004 - 12:20:57 PST

> I certainly understand my limitations, and small scale soldering is
> DEFINITELY outside of my abilities! I was just wondering if something might
> have been jogged loose and could be plugged in again. I am assuming that
> the myriad tiny wires in the interconnect slot must be very easy to snap.
> Probably wouldn't even be able to tell!
Yes probably true.

>>The only possible way around this without someone installing the
>>packages on a card and seinding you that,(and other than installing a
>>SER-001 board) is to use a modem to modem transfer. Check
>> for details on
>>this method.
> I do have one of those black "cigarette pack" modems from my 120. I will
> give it a try, but if it IS my port as opposed to my dongle then I imagine
> I'll be up against the same problem. But I am more than willing to
> experiment!

Yes that won't work in this case as it requires a serial port. What you
need is a card modem. There are lots of them around ebay, but only
certain ones work well with a newton. I would suggest either get one of
the Newton Card modems, or ask around before you purchase one to make
sure it will work. I have a Hayes Optima336 (model 5347US) and it
works fine. You might try J&K Sales last I knew they had some very


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