Re: [NTLK] Connecting an MP 2100 to PowerMac 6100 via ethernet LAN ???

From: ccsccs7 (
Date: Thu Nov 18 2004 - 19:29:03 PST

If it can read the CD, a somewhat recent version of QuickTime (4 maybe)=20
can play MP3s.

As for the "video card". Do you mean an AV card? As in inputting video?=20
The connectors on the AV card (besides the DB15 monitor connector) are=20
S-video. You need an RCA-style to S-video adapter to input or output TV=20
signals if your equipment isn't equipped with like (PS. an ADB=20
(keyboard) cable is the same as an S-video cable). I don't know if after =

market adapters will work. The adapters are designed with one for input=20
and one for output. I tried a search on ebay but couldn't find any of=20
the Apple adapters.

Cedric wrote:

>Two more Mac questions:
>1) I burned some rock music onto a CD on my desktop PC, but my PowerMac=
>failed to even recognize the CD! Is there a way to make this prehistori=
c critter=20
>recognize and play .MP3 files?
>2) My PowerMac appears to have a video card installed in it. Where woul=
d I=20
>begin to search for an adaptor to feed a video signal into this thing? =
Am I=20
>going to blow the thing up?
>Matt K.
> =20

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