[NTLK] Network Printing Help

From: matt (mkaake_at_gmail.com)
Date: Thu Nov 18 2004 - 18:36:49 PST

I was hoping I could get a quick hand on Network printing - I've got
an important document I would really like to print out here : )

I've got a Brother 5140 laser hooked up via USB to my mac (10.3.6,
9.2.2), and have it set to share under both (though a X.3 solution
would be my first choice). Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get the
printer to show up under the 'select printer' slip when I select
Network Laserwriter from a print dialog.
I've got the Newt connected to a router which is in turn connected to
my Mac (yes, connection works just fine, I've installed packages just
today under the same setup.
I've also downloaded the LPD print drivers, but it seems that you need
to have a printer with an assigned IP for that to work. I attempted
just putting in my machine's IP, but that didn't work out to well

So what can I do to print to my laser printer?


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