Re: [NTLK] Network Printing Help

From: matt (
Date: Sun Nov 21 2004 - 19:42:22 PST

Okay, printing update. I can't seem to try to do anything with this
Newt that actually works. Rather frustrating. I've installed the last
update to NIE (4 from Paul's site, if memory serves). I've installed
the Gimp print drivers and added that to my available printers. I've
double and triple checked that my firewall is allowing the printers to
be shared, which I've checked off in sharing.
I can install packages on my Newt via appletalk (though only in OS 9),
so I know my ethernet connection is okay. I can even see the Newt in X
with Escale, though any attempts to actually install anything fail
miserably. I cannot connect to Escale (nor anything else it would
seem) via TCP/IP, and I'm using the TCP/IP version 1.2. My brother
5140 is connected to my mac via USB. I've changed the name of the
print que on the Newt to match the name of the print que on the mac.
Everything seems okay on the Newton side, but it gets to the "grabbing
link", and never gets past connecting. Through all of this, the
printer doesn't even begin to warm up, so it's never even knowing how
hard I'm trying to get something to it to print.

In short, I have no idea what's going wrong here, and boy am I close
to my wits end... I have *no* idea what I could be doing wrong at this
point, but it's probably something really really stupid, or my Newt
just doesn't like me. Shame, I really like it...

anyone else??

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