Re: [NTLK] Newton Survey for a MP 2100...

From: Adriano (
Date: Sun Nov 21 2004 - 08:47:06 PST

For first, notice that i am very happy to hear that someon elese other th=
an the K-Navigatoris
have been able to produce new cases for the MP2100=

Then just a couple of questions:

 - What is a "Smooth Case"?
 - C=
ould you publish some photos omline?
 - Prices?
 - Shipping overseas (=
Italy) ?

Adriano ^_^

> After a long time (and about 103 ho=
urs total and 42
> lost MP's), I have made a completely smooth MP 2100=0D
> and a COLOR Newton (yeah like mr. Navagator) and both
> look great, I =
have made 3 of each type (They are like
> my prtotypes:)... And I was wo=
ndering after they were
> well tested, if ANY OF You would be interested=
 in a
> COLOR Cased MP 2X00 or Smooth Case one?... Also if
> there are=
 ANY other info any of you would like to add
> please do so... Also thi=
s Newton (being in my proto
> stage), might take 4 to 8 weeks for make m=
ore, just an
> FYI...
> all 6 people who have our test units are NO=
T computer
> people and only know how to operate the unit... And
> if =
the Case, Screen, etc Pass there lack of computer
> skills for a week or=
 two I will consider (after
> getting your input), resealing them for re=
> Also Mine will be alot cheaper the Mr. Gators were.
> =0D
> Thanks All!
> Mark Jozaitis
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