Re: [NTLK] Newton Newbie

From: Tony Goh (
Date: Mon Nov 22 2004 - 19:55:23 PST

I completed the following steps:
1. Deleted my owner profile.
2. Recreated a new owner profile:
A. Recreated the simplemail configurations
B. Recreated all internet settings
3. Attempted to send a test note to myself via SimpleMail.
The results following step 3 above:
4. I now at least can get the Envelope to appear. I enter an email address (my one here). Hit send. Select the location to send from. Confirm which connection/card to use (WaveLan) and hit "Connect". After several seconds and several flashing of the traffic lights on the card, an error message is returned:
" SimpleMail. Problem connecting. DHCP server unavailable or unable to configure this device".
Additionally any attempts to go open a URL in Newtscape results in nothing. No message. It is as if nothing has happened.
Can anyone else on this mesage board assist? I would greatly appreciate it.
David Abramowitz <> wrote:
On Nov 22, 2004, at 5:36 PM, Tony Goh wrote:

> Hello all.
> I recently purchased an MP2x00k.
> It comes with the Lucent Wavelan wireless ethernet card.
> I cannot get out to the internet (using Newtscape) or send email (via
> Simplemail).


One of the first things to check would be does your Newton have
"permission" to join the wireless network? By that I mean, is your
network set up so that only machines whose MAC addresses are listed in
the router's configuration? If so, then all you'll need to do is add
the Newt's MAC address to the list, which you can find on the back of
the Lucent card.

Second thing to check is are you using WEP encryption? If so, then the
issue might be that your card either doesn't support it (true of all
cards for the Newton if the encryption is WPA, true of some cards if it
is WEP-128). The Lucent Silver cards only support WEP-64 out of the
box, unless they've been upgraded to support 128-bit. So this could
also be the issue.

If your wireless network is wide open (no encryption), and unrestricted
(anyone can join, without needing to match on a list of allowed MAC
addresses), then the problem likely lies in the configuration of your
Wireless card. If you run the Card package on the Newton, you'll see
your card. If it's a Lucent, you should see a Setup button. Picking
this will take you to the configuration for the card. Has it been
properly set up for YOUR network, or does it still have the settings
from the previous owner.

Those things should give you a good start at figuring out what the
problem might be. Be as specific and detailed as you can, and we'll
help you through. No Newton owner with a working Wireless card
(supported by Hiroshi's driver) should be without wireless
functionality. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

- Dave

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