Re: [NTLK] Can not start my newton 2100 with newton flash card.

From: David Abramowitz (
Date: Mon Nov 22 2004 - 20:51:17 PST

On Nov 22, 2004, at 9:28 PM, YM-JP EDP MGR JOE 湛善忠 wrote:
> Could you teach me how to disable the "Activate package" function when
> I
> insert this card into my newton? I try to click the left side of the
> store
> screen when I insert the card, but it can not work. Please help me. I
> have a
> lot of data in this card.

With the Newton on, you want to do a reset (press the small button on
the back of the Newton). Immediately, turn it over and hold the pen
down on the left part of the SCREEN, about half way down. Keep it held
down as the Newt boots, and it will ask you, after the chime and the
Newton splash screen, if you want to load packages on your flash store
(pick No), then continue holding if you also want to be prompted about
the internal store. If you want to start from the internal store, let
the pen up after answering No in the previous step (flash store). That
should do it.

- Dave

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