Re: [NTLK] NPDS: Network setup questions

From: Jeff Henry (
Date: Thu Nov 25 2004 - 18:03:47 PST

There is a list just for NPDS more info @

> I'm interested on putting my 2100 on the internet using NPDS. I have
> the networking installed and operational using a Wavelan silver card
> (mail and web browsing works fine). I've installed all the latest NPDS
> modules, and have them working through the private network.

Right on I pretty much use my newt only as a web server now. I love it that
these things can act as a web server.

> Now for the questions...
> My network is behind a firewall on an Airport router setup for DCHP and
> NAT addressing.

Make sure that you setup port forwarding and use the right port for example
the port I use is 8080 not the normal port 80 for web traffic as I already
have a webserver running on 80.

> Is there anything special I should be doing with the Tracker client?

Use your real IP address in the tracker settings under "public IP" if your
IP changes often you may want to use something like so you can
set in a name and have them keep track of the IP change. My firewall
automatically connects to and informs them of the change. Also
make sure that under the newton port you set the port you want to use that
should be the same for the port forwarding from above. You will also need to
check the newton is in a lan box.

> What tracker site would I access on the internet, and what port should
> I use? Are there any special steps I should be doing?
> is the tracker I use.
In the server field under tracker server I just have
Under the http port I have the 3680.
Then check the register with tracker box. Save your prefs and start it all

> I am using the default index page right now, Should I be using the
> Newton to personalize the page, or my iBook?

I think I just did everything on the newton when I changed all my html. I
have a keyboard so it was not that bad. You said you have email setup so you
could do it on your ibook and then mail it to your newt. Then cut and paste.

> Is there any special software I should be using to make this a better
> experience (all suggestions welcome :-) )?

My newt that serves http is pretty bare just all of the NPDS packages and a
few other items. Like I said I mostly use that newt as a web server so I do
not need anything else on it thats what my other newt is for.

> Any other suggestions/tips would be appreciated...

Check out there is tons of info on there and also go to
a tracker and check out the other newt webservers you will learn alot from
there. Also I would join the NPDS mailing list it is very low traffic but
someone will most always answer your Q's there it may take a while however.
Also check the archives of that list tons of info is in there as well.

> Many thanks
> Brian
Hope that helps you out some and good luck getting your server up and
running on the internet.


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