[NTLK] OT os x and gameboy advance flash reading/writing

From: Dr. Thomas Isenbarger (isen_at_plantpath.wisc.edu)
Date: Sun Nov 28 2004 - 15:00:33 PST

Sorry for the way off-topic post, but I am having difficulty finding
help in other places. I have a freeware Go game that I want to play on
a Gameboy Advance. I have read a bit about the flash reading/writing
machines for doing this (and for backup of purchased games). Can
anyone here recommend the best hardware and software solutions for
doing this with OS X? If I have to do this on a Windows machine, can I
do it through VPC?

Thanks in advance,
Tom Isenbarger

thomas a isenbarger
(608) 265-0850
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