Re: [NTLK] re missing wireless drivers & the "free market"

From: Mike Detlefsen (
Date: Sun Nov 28 2004 - 22:32:46 PST

On Sunday, Nov 28, 2004, at 22:32 US/Central, Paul Jerry wrote:
> Why is this set of drivers the only ones out there? Unless this is an
> issue of a collaborative/co-operative community informally dividing
> tasks and not duplicating work (which I am all for BTW), is there some
> reason why someone else hasn't picked up the task of generating other
> wireless driver packages, creating options and diversity (and maybe a
> little competition)?

I think it's nothing short of amazing that *anyone* is writing software
for the Newton. It's not as though it was a thriving platform (OK,
there is an active community of which I am one, but it's not what I
would call thriving).

With a vanishingly small number of people that can write software for
the Newton, why would someone want to do something that's already been
done? It's not like any money is being made. Diversity would be great
if we had a big enough pool of talent to support it, but we don't. I
wish we did, there's still stuff I have to do on my Palm, because
comparable programs on the Newton don't exist in more than a
rudimentary form.


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