Re: [NTLK] Problem with Lucent Wavelan wireless card

From: Patrick Jendraszak (
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 04:27:47 PST

Other folks on the list will probably chime in, but as far as I know,
Hiroshi's web site is the only one to have the appropriate wireless drivers.
I believe that he did not want the driver posted on UNNA, so I would be
surprised if that was the same as Hiroshi's. From what I've seen on the list
over the past few days, his internet site is down. This has happened from
time to time. It always seems to come back ... But it has been down for a
while now.

Patrick Jendraszak
Indianapolis, IN
MP 2000u 
On 11/29/04 1:10 AM, "Nightshade" <> wrote:
> I read i need Hiroshi's drivers, but i don't know if they're the ones i
> installed from UNNA...can't check that as his page is down
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