Re: [NTLK] FS: Newton 2100 Package

From: Richard Kilpatrick (
Date: Tue Nov 30 2004 - 02:07:30 PST

On 30 Nov 2004, at 02:16, Ottawa Sales wrote:

Good reminder - I have decided to sell my Newtons (not the oddities)=20
due to lack of use.

> Newton 2100 in good condition
> Rechargeable battery
> Stylus
> Door, Hinges, Serial Cover
> Orinoco Gold Wireless Card (Agere unbranded)
> Serial Dongle and PC Cable
> 4 MB Flash
> 56k modem
> Keyboard
> A/C Adapter

I'm looking for =A3100 (about $180) for the system, plus shipping. I =
not ship by uninsured services, so it might be quite expensive, but I=20
don't want to risk losing another Newton! Would prefer a UK buyer.=20
Would also sell to Canadian buyer happily, as I am going to Canada in=20
less than 2 weeks and could post it there.

I'm also selling my eMate, in very good condition, original stylus,=20
with 4Mb upgrade, manual and PSU (US prongs). Looking for =A3100 or near=20=

offer for that.

And for the UK types interested in MagicCap, I have a spare DataRover=20
840. =A340.

Would take =A3200 for the whole lot, plus postage (in UK, about =A315).


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