Re: [NTLK] re missing wireless drivers

From: Patrick McFadden (
Date: Tue Nov 30 2004 - 02:01:56 PST

I just recently bought a Bronze Wave LAN card off of ebay. I paid
$2.93, It seems that there are a LOT of these cards out there, all you
have to do is type "lucent bronze," and search in titles and
descriptions for all categories and you get a LOT of hits. There are
not too many listed under newton hardware, but for laptops and PCI or
ISA cards they seem to have been quite common. I just searched and
found at least 10 under $5 USD. Just make sure that the cards are the
right voltage because there may be some PCIMCIA cards used in PCI or
ISA adapters that run at 3.3v.

Also on a side note of all this talking about not getting drivers, does
anyone know why the site is down? did he pull the site because someone
had posted the drivers elsewhere? Has anyone tried to buy the drivers
from him in the last little while? did you receive a copy of them? I
am wanting to put this card in my 2100 however I am a bit reluctant to
send money for a product that may not work, or to a person who may no
longer exist....


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