Re: [NTLK] re missing wireless drivers

From: Jim Grich (
Date: Tue Nov 30 2004 - 06:11:34 PST

>> Pat,
I paid for Hiroshi's driver about 4 weeks ago (just after his site went
down) and received my registration number about 5 days later via
e-mail. I believe you can still pay and register but, obviously, not
through his website...

You can use this link to pay for the driver at Kagi:

(Thanks to Sonny Hung for this info)

Jim Grich


>> Also on a side note of all this talking about not getting drivers,
>> does
>> anyone know why the site is down? did he pull the site because someone
>> had posted the drivers elsewhere? Has anyone tried to buy the drivers
>> from him in the last little while? did you receive a copy of them?
>> I
>> am wanting to put this card in my 2100 however I am a bit reluctant to
>> send money for a product that may not work, or to a person who may no
>> longer exist....
>> -pat

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