Re: [NTLK] GPS: iGPS 180

From: Ron Sladky (
Date: Mon Jul 04 2005 - 16:42:26 PDT

Still, do you think it would be feasible to get this unit working with
a Newton, since it supports NMEA? I was hoping so because this site noted that
"Most GPS units will transmit their data in NMEA format, probably the
most common format for GPS data at the commercial level. Fortunately,
most GPS software available for the Newton will understand NMEA
formatted data."
On Jul 4, 2005, at 7:14 PM, Adriano wrote:

> Hi,
> found some hardware specs about the Pharos iGPS -180 on the link below:
> On ebay often there are serial GPS receivers listed at less than
> $50,00.

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