Re: [NTLK] PhoneNet RJ11 cabling

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Date: Wed Jul 06 2005 - 13:27:59 PDT

LT over PhoneNet w/ RJ11 can easily be self-made:
1. the connecting cable are always crossed, not straight like normal =
extension cords.
2. a termination resistance is needed only at the ends of the LT =
Basically into each connector of all installed PhonNet adaptors has
something to be plugged into, thus the two end boxes need termination
resistances. Even those terminators can be self-made with a crimping =
tool, a
resistor and a connector of course :-)

best regards / viele Gruesse
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> Heard that sometimes a terminator is needed when making a Localtalk=20
> network...
> wired on the outer two wires unless you specifically wanted separate=20
> wiring for the second phone.
> > It uses the two wires not used by your phone (unless you=20
> have caller ID, I think).=20
> >>> in my houses are on 2 wire only. If I'm correct, the wiring specs=20
> >>> need to be 4 cables all the way to work for those adaptor, right?
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