Re: [NTLK] Tried to delte a file, and now, one of my memory cards won't work!

From: Dan (
Date: Thu Jul 07 2005 - 14:35:05 PDT wrote:
>Is there any way to salvage this card? It's got a lot of my MadMax tuneage on it. Now, I can't listen to Cartman sound bytes or Jimi Hendrix, and it is making me irate.
> I also tried to place this card (EXCA Series 2-20 meg flash memory card) in my old IBM ThinkPad 600X, but the IBM laptop can't seem to find a driver/whatever to look at this card. Any ideas?

Well did you try restarting the newt and holding the pen 1/3 down from
the screen on the left? It should ask you if you would like to activate
packages (or something like that) for both the internal and then for the
card. Say no to both, freeze everything on the card, then restart.
Then start thawing packages one by one till you can find the package
that is doing this.


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