Re: [NTLK] Tried to delte a file, and now, one of my memory cards

From: Dan (
Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 08:29:16 PDT

> By the way, I have been experimenting with some new .mp3 song content. I have not succeeded in getting this stuff into a useable MadMax .pkg format -- yet. I would consider it to be legal, as long as I don't attempt to profit from its use. What is it? Some select songs from the various free "Live 8" world concerts last week (Nothing from the Corporate Pepsi/Sony cultivated BS market, just good classic rock). I hope to get some of this stuff to play nice with MadMax. We'll see...

Your welcome, glad it helped. It sounds like the packages soup was
hosed when you tried to delete the icon originally (a symptom of this is
a icon that won't delete properly or keeps coming back, or other package
weirdness when you are in extras). Once this soup is corrupted the only
hope is to do a backup STAT then format and restore the card.
Thankfully this type of corruption is pretty rare.

As for the MP3's. Legally things have changed in the past few years.
Basically passing around content like this can be illegal, and the
RIAA's will go after people even if they are not profiting from MP3's.
If they downloaded them and don't have a original CD that was purchased.
  Many court cases regarding this were just thrown out, but several
people that were sued just paid fines to the RIAA (some fairly large)
rather than get taken to court. Last I heard they filed over 600 suits.

Anyway if you are making the mp3's from music that you purchased, there
is no problem. Downloading music (that is copyrighted and the artist is
not giving it away), can be a problem (if the artist/label/RIAA don't
get their due). Recently there was a court case that went against file
sharing services and said the companies are legally responsible for the
files that are being transfered. I believe it is now under appeal. You
can be sure that if this continues file sharing services will be a thing
of the past (at least for the most part). Of course on the one hand
that is how a LOT of viruses are transfered anyway (which is one reason
I stay away from them).


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