[NTLK] Tried to delte a file, and now, one of my memory cards

From: mkow1234_at_aol.com
Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 06:22:39 PDT

Thank you Dan, for your excellent advice.
I confirmed that the culprit was indeed the mysterious "edit.slm" icon/file, what-ever-the-heck that was supposed to be. I ended up freezing and transferring a few miscellaneous apps and eBooks from the 20 meg card, before I attempted to attack the editor.slm file. Guess what? The editor.slm file just did not want to go! I selected it and attempted to delete, the confirmation screen came up and I selected "OK", but the file remained! I tried the cool trick of selecting the file and then scribbling over its icon, but that did not work either. Sticky b#tch! It did not even appear in the "Prefs Cleaner" program, since it apparently was some kind of weird file extension. So.... I had to select the "Erase" option, which DID eliminate the phantom file, BUT it also killed my registered copy of X-Port. I may be SOL on that one, if I did not save my registeration serial code somewhere... :O(
I tried to transfer and save my songs, but none of them worked after being transferred to another memory card EXCEPT for a Hootie and the Blowfish song. Argh! I'll have to re-transfer a couple of dozen or so songs back on to the Newton. I needed more room for music anyway, and I am replacing the 20 meg card with a whopping 40 megger.
By the way, I have been experimenting with some new .mp3 song content. I have not succeeded in getting this stuff into a useable MadMax .pkg format -- yet. I would consider it to be legal, as long as I don't attempt to profit from its use. What is it? Some select songs from the various free "Live 8" world concerts last week (Nothing from the Corporate Pepsi/Sony cultivated BS market, just good classic rock). I hope to get some of this stuff to play nice with MadMax. We'll see...
Matt K.
Detroit, Michigan, USA

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