[NTLK] Tip on using Soft charge

From: Dan (dan_at_dbdigitalweb.com)
Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 09:30:30 PDT

Hello all,
I have noticed that in the past some people have had problems using
Nick's Soft Charge (a package that allows 2.1 NOS to change battery type
and the battery meter will calibrated to that battery type). It seems
that sometimes it wouldn't "stay" set it on Nicad for example, and kept
switching back to Nimh. While I never noticed this myself I recently
ran into something else (but similar), the battery meter would not show
the proper calibration once the newton went to sleep. If I brought up
Soft Charge (battery type under prefs), it was still set to Nicad, but
it was obvious that the meter was not showing it. And if I changed it
to something else then back to Nicad, the meter showed the proper
battery levels until the Newt went to sleep again.

I fixed this problem by deleting the Soft Charge prefs using SAI's Prefs
cleaner. A soup editor would also do the job nicely, but this method
was a little faster. After I deleted the Soft charge prefs, and then
reset it to Nicad type it keeps the meter calibration. So if you are
having problems with Soft Charge, I would try deleting the Prefs and see
if that fixes it.


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