Re: [NTLK] Connection by Ethernet & Wifi-nearly there!

From: Jon Scordia (
Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 09:35:42 PDT

Thanks Woody.

Your email has set me thinking. What exactly am I hoping to achieve here? There are so many interesting and useful helper apps out there that I need to focus on my aims. If I set out my aspirations I'm sure the list can give me some realism! I currently have three potential ways of linking the Newton to the oustide world as follows:

1. Serial connection to OSX via NewTen: works fine as a way of installing packages. In that respect I'm sorted. (can do so on work PC too via NCU)

2. Ethernet connection. As a way of getting files on and off the Newton, ideally to take Text files off the Newton to be converted to Word docs and to drop excel docs onto the Next. I had hoped that My Newt would mount on the Mac desktop like my Psion used to! (Again via NCU to the PC I think I can do this but DONT want to rely on the PC as part of my setup)

3. Wifi. To use the Newt as a device for remotely surfing the net via an existing airport network and maybe do the same in the local coffee shop. Of course If I can use Wifi to replace the Ethernet connection and upload/download files I will.

What are my chances??!!




On Friday, July 08, 2005, at 00:51AM, Woody Smith <> wrote:

>hi Jon

>Which connection application are you attempting to connect to?


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