Re: [NTLK] Missing OS9 IrDA!

Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 09:13:34 PDT

Le 6 juil. 05, =E0 18:04, Oliver Cmenets a =E9crit :

> Hello!
> I've recently picked up a MP2000, and am attempting to bootstrap it!
> However, I'm stuck on one simple hurdle - The Mac OS9 install I have
> has no IrDA extensions.
> I would be infinitely grateful if someone could send (or direct me
> to!) the IrDA Tools/ IrDALib (and anything I've missed that I'd
> need!) - I have tried to install OS9 clean on all of my machines at
> my work, but without any success - my new-skool iMac and G4 'install'
> discs just seem to hate all the machines I put them in (including
> iMacs and G4s, oddly.)
Did you find what you need ? If not, I will add these to my IrDA=20
Package Tools, that you can find here:


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