[NTLK] Tried to delte a file, and now, one of my memory cards

From: mkow1234_at_aol.com
Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 11:50:49 PDT

Hello Dan, All,
Just to clarify...
...the music in question was broadcast world-wide as part of a global FREE concert/protest to draw attention to the economic plight of African nations. It was being re-broadcast by my ISP, which I am sure had to pay SOMETHING for the privilege to show this bit of "look-here-we-have-everything-you-want" content. Well, I ALSO pay a fee to the ISP for the privilege of being able to view/listen to content over my cable modem connection. Once the content gets to my headphone jack, I can do anything with the content that I so choose -- within practical reason. If I print out a cheesy picture of Jessica Alba bending over a bike (Doesn't THAT sound nice?), does that mean I owe the television studio conglomerate money for the right to print out my own copy of the grainy photograph? If I purchase water from the municipal water department and my neighbor asks me to help water the landscaping plants near my fence, that does not mean that the neighbor also must pay a fee for the same wate
 r, does it? I know that some folks make the same argument in defense of Wi-Fi broadcasting their cable modem signal to their immediate neighbors (Something that I don't do, by the way, even though I COULD...). Once they pay for it, and they're at the end of the pipe so to speak, what they do with the remaining weakened signal is their own business...
Anyway, it's a moot/mute point, because it ended up that I could not convert the files successfully into a format that would transfer and play on the Newton via MadMax. What I DID succeed in doing was to record the songs playing back from my laptop, through the Newton's microphone, and into some long-playing NotePad audio notes. Not a great sound quality, but fair enough. I don't think the studios will lose any sleep over some mediocre Newton audio recordings -- I know that I won't. ;O)
Now, I DON'T have Internet access for my Newton anymore (unless there's a way to get Internet via the LAN, or possibly if Comcast offered a dial-up that supported the Newton platform), so I have no easy way to DISTRIBUTE the songs. Theoretically, if folks were to mail me a small flash memory card, I could beam/copy over serial connection the songs onto their memory card and then mail it back. If Sony views THAT as a threat to their corporation, I'll be happy to see them in court. Ha! Put 'em up! Put 'em up!
Matt K.
I just KNOW I'll hear back from some fellow out there who's wife is a lawyer (or vice-versa)...

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