[NTLK] Last chance before eBay

From: Rolf Brakvatne (rbrak29_at_qwest.net)
Date: Sat Jul 09 2005 - 08:30:00 PDT

      Screen excellent
      Backlight: good
      Case: good, small top case crack(left center on side)
      battery: fair
       Screen: fair, worn area upper, center 1/4 in,. x 1in. (Pocken
Quicken entry area)
       Backlight: good
       Case: good, small bottom case crack near SER-001
       battery: fair

Both have SER-001 installed (still have both Newton case plugs)
Both have covers and no feet are missing
Both have black leather cases
Both have 32MB Pretec flash cards
Both include Newton charger
Standard 2100 software will be loaded

110.00 for best above
85.00 for fair above (will throw in bottom case if the 2100 sells
before the bottom case). Unit may not work with Newtway and Palm

1-PCMCIA plug 5.00

1-AA battery tray 20.00

1-3Com Megahertz 56K X-jack modem (X-jack connectors are broken
short, but still works, do not have cable) 10.00

1-Orinoco Gold wireless card with Hiroshi Noguchi Newton driver and
registration number 35.00

1-Newton Message Pad keyboard with case (new condition) 25.00

1-Newton interconnect/serial dongle 10.00

1- Newtway connector with Palm keyboard and case (includes short
serial cable)

1-Keyspan USB to serial connector 35.00 (Works great in Tiger and

2-Newton Print Pack with cable and software(print directly to
LaserJets) 15.00 each

1-replacement bottom case 20.00

1-green backlight replacement 20.00

2-Windows serial to Newton serial cable 10.00 each

Will consider offers.

Shipping (paid by buyer) to US and Canada only. Money order or
cashiers check only. No PayPal.



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