[NTLK] Audio issues / Crashes with Mad Max

From: MKow1234_at_aol.com
Date: Mon Jul 11 2005 - 06:41:57 PDT

Hello Marcus,
It seems that the .mp3-to-.pkg conversion process is an inexact one. One
never knows which files will convert and load nicely and which files won't. My own
experience has taught me that the source .mp3 file must have sufficient
"density of content" to convert to a useable form for the Newton. What I mean by
this is that the .mp3 source file has to have been recorded at a rate of at
least 32 kBits (?) .. The recording level of the original .mp3 file can affect the
outcome as well.

I started converting some cool free sound bytes from the South Park episodes
web site, when I discovered that only about one-fourth of the sound files
would convert and work on the Newton in Mad Max. Too bad, because there were a few
sound clips from the episode where Cartman's do-it-all Trapper Keeper
attempted to take over the world (think SkyNet from "The Terminator"). I think in
this case the cause was the low recording level of the original files.

I will send you a few sound files that have worked successfully on my Newton
in MadMax. Perhaps trying them out will provide additional insight.

Matt K.
Detroit, Michigan, USA

P.S. It's not as fancy, but you can also use one of the long-playing aiudio
note programs to record directly from the Newton's microphone. Of course, if
you record something cool that you want to share, such as lecture notes or your
kid's recital, it can be tough to send the data to others. The only sure ways
seem to be either to send an e-mail directly from the Newton (if you have
that capability), or to put the data on a small flash memory card, make a backup
file, and send that from your synced desktop computer. Kind of kludgy, but it
is a nice show of defiance to all of the computer corporations that want you
to do personal computing THEIR WAY. I'm guessing that the LAN connection can
also be used to export the data, though I'm not sure of all of the details. Good

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