Re: [NTLK] I'm stumped, more than I knew...

From: Paul Curtis (Nations One Mortgage) (
Date: Tue Jul 12 2005 - 10:38:34 PDT

Not the case, the .pkg's were never installed, just "filed". So there isn't
a package to see. When using Eckhart's excellent Comm tools you have to use
his option of "put away" from the tab button. The tab button kinda looks
like the icon tray at the bottom of the main screen in a modern Apple/Mac
(which ever one it is...) Kinda appearing like a pull tab. Anyway, I forgot
about using the correct protocol and instead used the folder's tab to file
the packages away prior to them being installed. They are still in their raw
package format.

I feel like an imbecile...(good thing I have spell check or I would've
spelled imbecile wrong as well...)

Anybody out there know how to see the invisible? I hate to have to wipe this

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Hmm that is odd. You can create a "Personal" folder in Extras. But it
should show you all packages no matter what folder, even if it is missing,
if you have it set to "all Icons" and "All Stores" by taping the diamond at
the top of the Extras. I suspect you have it set to something else and that
is why you don't see these two packages.


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