Re: [NTLK] I'm stumped, more than I knew...

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Tue Jul 12 2005 - 11:40:02 PDT

Paul Curtis (Nations One Mortgage) wrote:
> Not the case, the .pkg's were never installed, just "filed". So there isn't
> a package to see. When using Eckhart's excellent Comm tools you have to use
> his option of "put away" from the tab button. The tab button kinda looks
> like the icon tray at the bottom of the main screen in a modern Apple/Mac
> (which ever one it is...) Kinda appearing like a pull tab. Anyway, I forgot
> about using the correct protocol and instead used the folder's tab to file
> the packages away prior to them being installed. They are still in their raw
> package format.
> I feel like an imbecile...(good thing I have spell check or I would've
> spelled imbecile wrong as well...)
> Anybody out there know how to see the invisible? I hate to have to wipe this
> 2100!

So, if I understand you, you never used "Put Away" on the packages.

That means that they are still in your In/Out box soup.

If you have nothing else in this soup you can blow away the entire thing by
opening Extras, viewing 'Storage', tapping In/Out Items (which should show a
handful of items consuming a bunch of space), and tapping the Delete button.

I can't possibly see how you could have filed them into a folder which is not
defined as a valid folder name in In/Out.

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