[NTLK] KJV_NT.pkg is huge, now a new member of the Loaner Card family...

From: Paul Curtis (Nations One Mortgage) (MicroSSG_at_Comcast.net)
Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 07:49:15 PDT

After all of my blundering with IC/VC as of late... I finally got to the
point where I could install it, but then I ran into a familiar/common issue,
not enough room. Even after off-loading all of my .pkg's to a pc-card I
still didn't have enough room to install it. So I wiped my Dead Head 2100
clean, restored Neo, Nitro and IC/VC and then brought over KJV_NT.pkg and
installed it successfully. Once installed I threw it onto a blank card.

Having said all of this, I have now added this to a new category of Loaner
Cards, - eBook Loaner. I may have opened a big ol' can of worms here, but my
pain is your gain. If there are other humongo .pkg's out there that this
would be of help, drop me a line and I'll consider creating some other

I never thought I would need more than the 8 cards that I have, but I may
need to acquire some additional stock if this continues. Frank, baby, I
might be calling you!

Best Regards,

Paul Curtis
Certified Mortgage Planner
BBC Group <http://www.bbcgroupmi.net/> , a division of Nations One Mortgage

(517) 775-6666 Cell (Voice Mail)
(517) 579-3283 Office
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