Re: [NTLK] KJV_NT.pkg is huge, now a new member of the Loaner Card family...

From: Steve Meyer (
Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 08:14:37 PDT

I've been using "The Message" for over a year now and it works
great. I chose the KJV version. However, there is one file you need
to replace, as noted on the Servant Software site (
themessage). First, download all eight modules per the link, but
also download the fixed #8 module and replace the one that initially
will get installed on your Newton. Here's the note you will see
under the KJV download section of the website: " Note: The eighth
module in the above archive is damaged; use this one instead." If you
don't replace this file, the book names will not match the actual
contents of the, John will have Roman's text, etc.
Steve Meyer

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