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Date: Thu Jul 14 2005 - 00:02:25 PDT

Subject: Re: [NTLK] Can different Newton sounds be allocated to
From: David Abramowitz <david.abramowitz () verizon ! net>
Date: 2005-07-11 21:17:23

On Jul 11, 2005, at 4:19 PM, wrote:
> Is there a piece of software that will allow the Newton to allocate
> a different sound effect for different functions?

You can set these with on-board means:

Alarm Sound in Unfiled Icons/Prefs/Alarm
Alert Sound in Unfiled Icons/Prefs/Sound

Another nice thing:

Tactile's "Package Beeper"
goes bling after a package has completely downloaded & installed. Yes,
it accepts any new sounds you've installed and gives you the option to
set individualised acoustic alerts on these events: Package Added,
Package Removed, Package Moved, Package Replaced.
    Doesn't bling on transferring packages to the In Box via Bluetooth,
though... only when putting the packages away it blings... Would be
cool to have Newton advise me of completed transfers (from/to) for BT,

Tactile courteously also provides sets of sounds here . Mac OS 7 sounds (makes Apple
users turn their heads...), Star Wars sounds (no Star Trek, though...
or Battlestar Galactica... ;=} ), 2001 sounds (does this have "Hello

BuiltIn Sounds on the same page might be worth to look at. It adds the
built-in system sounds to the Alarm and Alert Sounds popup list

Q: Where else are nice sound packages on the web?

Also SysPatch by Richard Li (now mirrored at
_Other%20Newton%20Applications/_System%20Patches/ ) claims to do
something regarding "Global sound functions", whatever that may mean.
Matt, could you investigate? What's that Patch improving, anyway?

> I have VoiceAlarm
> installed, which allows the use of different recorded sounds as an
> alarm. What I would like is to designate different sounds to
> different Newton functions. For example, I'd like one specific
> sound to play when the Newton starts, another sound to play when an
> error is made, another sound to play when the Newton is shut down,
> etc. Does such an animal exist?

Not to my knowledge, but what do I know...? 'Xactly.

>Indeedy. You can use, as I do, Sunrise, which I could only find here:

Okay, I've put it up at the Library so it's mirrored
somewhere (plus I have a Audio directory here with some selected

>Sunrise allows you to set sounds for startup and sleep. It installs
>in Preferences.

So now we can set:
Package Added
Package Removed
Package Moved
Package Replaced

Any more?


P.S.: Good topic, Matt! I've put it up at the Wiki (somewhat artlessly,
feel free to add and improve ), don't think it has been covered yet.

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