[NTLK] Could this be of any use to Einstein-devs?

From: Dan Thaning (dan.thaning_at_gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jul 14 2005 - 01:51:43 PDT

Could this be of any use to Einstein-devs?
"Virtera is shipping a free tool that can simulate a 217MHz ARM
processor and embedded Linux system in real-time. The VirtualMHz for ARM
(VM-arm) uses dynamic instruction compilation, rather than the
interpretive simulation techniques used by competitors. A commercial
version will be available later this year, Virtera says.
Virtera says the commercial version of VM-arm will add debug and
developer features, but that the free version is not restricted in any
way. According to Virtera, VM-arm runs Dhrystone 2.1 at 217 MHz on a 2.6
GHz Pentium 4 desktop, and can boot a stock Linux 2.6.11 kernel to a
login prompt in less than eight seconds.
Virtera says VM-arm supports a range of ARM software environments, from
bare machine programs running without an OS to full operating systems
such as ARM Linux. The company plans to provide "near-complete"
simulation of the StrongARM SA-110 and Sharp _Zaurus SL-5500_
<http://linuxdevices.com/articles/AT3312069472.html>. Additionally, the
simulator can be extended to model modified ARM processors and systems
before they reach production, Virtera says.


The free version of ARM-se has been available for _download_
<http://www.virtera.com/> since late May, along with a technical
whitepaper. The commercial version is expected this year."


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