Re: [NTLK] eMate Upgrades and general hacking madness

Date: Thu Jul 14 2005 - 05:46:49 PDT

Hi Tyler,

I've looked into this and there are no pin-compatible processors that can replace the ARM710 that is used in the eMate (Unless you want to downgrade to the ARM610 which was used in the 130.)

By adding the 4meg internal memory card you can speed up the buss that the eMate uses to access the memory which will slightly speed up the machine.

Also, for anyone who is curious, there is a spot on the eMates mainboard that can hold a 2nd 4Meg flash chip if you think you can solder a surface mount chip. The part number would be a Sharp LH28F016SUT-70 or equivalent. I have a spare mainboard for the eMates, so I might actually try this myself someday if I get adventureous.

On another technical note, the ARM710 processor that was used for the eMate has a couple of serial ports that aren't currently in use by the eMate and could theoretically be used to add other devices such as Bluetooth or WiFi to the eMate. However, I'm not sure that the OS would recognize devices on those ports even if you were able to hack something to hook up to them.

Without Apple releasing the schematics and code, it's really hard to know what is possible and what isn't from a hardware or OS point of view.

If somebody hasn't already, we really should start a petition for apple to release the schematics and OS into the pubic domain. They can keep their handwriting software and whatever else they think they might use prorprietary for all I care. What I'd really like is the schematics so I can figure out some good hardware hacks...


>Does anyone know of any extreme upgrades available for the eMate 300?
>I'm interested in a faster processor and more RAM. How compatible are
>the ARM 9 (?) chips running at 206MHz with the ARM 710a units in the
>eMate? I'm sure bus speed would be an issue, though. If I could have
>a 220MHz eMate with 128MBs of RAM and a 5GB hardcard and wireless I
>would dump my laptop altogether. Would this even be possible or am I
>smoking something?


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