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Subject: Re: [NTLK] You have got to be kiddin'
From: Matthew Reidsma <mreidsma () mac ! com>
Date: 2005-07-14 14:27:42

>> I believe there is a Hebrew font for the Newt. However it is not
>> possible to make a NewtonBook with it

You'll need a Hebrew font, which should be included with e.g.
OpenOffice (NeoOffice for OS X users) or (gasp!) Word. Then use as
described in the NewtGreek documentation by Digital Inkwell (see
below), that should work. Haven't tried it yet, though, so I'd be happy
to read of somebody's test results.

>Dan is right, there is a Hebrew font for the Newt, and you'll find it
on UNNA under \

>I was trying to remember how to make a Newton book with installed
fonts, as it \
>seems that there was a discussion about this a while back when
Daedalus from Digital \
>Inkwell released the Hymn to Dionysius (although his site has
mysteriously \
>disappeared off the face of the earth, not that I look. Nothing in the
Wayback \
>machine, either. :( )

Try Daedalus ( himself. Hope he's well.

BTW, I'd found a copy of Lucian's "Trip to the Moon" on the web last
year and he (Daedalus, not Lucian ;=}) has kindly let himself prod into
newtifying it with his Greek font to Newton Classic format. As his site
is down, I've take the liberty and just added it to the Library
_scifi .

For those not in the know: This ancient Greek classic is one of the
oldest pieces of SciFi and features the oldest surviving description of
a journey to the moon. Unlike other ancient fantastic literature (e.g.
Gilgamesh epic), it is not of mythical or sacral nature, but rather
true storytelling. The book has a briliant and very informative
introduction. Oh, and it's in English, only single Greek phrases are
in, ahem, *Greek*, esp. in the endnotes.

Digital Inkwell's NewtGreek 1.0 font with very extensive documentation
can be found here:
_Other%20Newton%20Applications/_Fonts (required with above mentioned
Lucian edition).
Oh, and didn't Paul also have something on bookmaking with varying
fonts somewhere over at Kallisys? Lemme see... Can't find it... Must
mistake this with somebody else.

As is currently offline, I've taken the liberty to
put their game Speed Bump (from early last year) also up at the Library
_Other%20Newton%20Applications/_Games ).

>When I read the past messages in the archive, the announcement for
NewtonGreek 1.0 \
>gave this tip:
>"A Macintosh version of the font is now included with all .sit and
>.zip downloads. This can assist in document compatability when
>transferring between the Newton and Macintosh computers. This can also
>help when making NewtonBooks using Newton BookMaker. The Macintosh
>is compatible through Mac OS 9.2, and will run in Mac OS X's "classic"
>Link to message:
>I checked the Newton Press FAQ, but it didn't have anything on this,
so I'm guessing \
>that you need to use Bookmaker.

Hmh, wasn't there something about "drop the new font in folder ### and
it'll show in the "Select Fonts" picker? Can't find that in the Newton
Press documentation, though (neither in Readme, nor in Newton Press
Guide -- the online help system of the Mac version).

BUT: If you edit texts in another text editor and save them as rtf and
then File/Add that into Newton Press, you'll find that fonts are
preserved that are neither Geneva, Espy nor New York... Maybe worth a
try. Or search where you find the NP fonts on your box and see if
adding fonts to that folder will change anything... (Remember that
you'll need that font on the Newton, too, so be sure to check UNNA's
font directory!)

>And of course, as has been pointed out already, I \
>don't know how the Newton handles right to left texts....

Paging the Newton chapters in Palestine -- any comments?
Or maybe our fellow Newtonians in China/Japan/Korea can chime in on

>Perhaps Our venerable Newton Press experts, the DJ and the squirrel
killer can \
>comment? :) And anyone with experience using Bookmaker?

Paging Digital Dan. He strong in the Bookmaker, me mere padawan to his
Bookmaker mastery.

Could somebody create a wiki page on making Newton books with non-latin
character sets? Would touch both the bookmaking sector and the
localization topic (where I've tried repeatedly to get people to
contribute writeups on how to make their Newtons speak their language,
be this Greek, Russian, Swedish, German, French or whatever -- which
packages are useful, what are the settings and tricks, etc. ... Any
takers?), both linking off .

So there.


P.S.: Talking of the Temporary Newton Library -- Bookish Newtonians be
advised to check the New Additions file, some new stuff in the last two

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