Re: [NTLK] Making Newton books in other fonts (was: You have got to be kiddin')

From: Dan (
Date: Fri Jul 15 2005 - 13:06:20 PDT

>> I believe there is a Hebrew font for the Newt. However it is not
> >> possible to make a NewtonBook with it
> You'll need a Hebrew font, which should be included with e.g.
> OpenOffice (NeoOffice for OS X users) or (gasp!) Word. Then use as
> described in the NewtGreek documentation by Digital Inkwell (see
> below), that should work. Haven't tried it yet, though, so I'd be happy
> to read of somebody's test results.

I should have been more requires you to have a matching
font on your desktop (normally not very easy to find). Looking at
Newtgreek, it does have one for the Mac, but not for windows. I will
have to do some digging and see if I can find a font that will match and
work windows-wise. Basically for Press all it requires is you to drop
the font into your Press folder, load press and either select all text
and change the font after importing or make it the default when you are
importing text). Again if you can find a matching font. ;)

> >Dan is right, there is a Hebrew font for the Newt, and you'll find it
> on UNNA under \
> >fonts.
Ahh thought I saw it there....couldn't remember for sure if it was UNNA
or if I got it somewhere else.

> BTW, I'd found a copy of Lucian's "Trip to the Moon" on the web last
> year and he (Daedalus, not Lucian ;=}) has kindly let himself prod into
> newtifying it with his Greek font to Newton Classic format. As his site
> is down, I've take the liberty and just added it to the Library
> _scifi .
> For those not in the know: This ancient Greek classic is one of the
> oldest pieces of SciFi and features the oldest surviving description of
> a journey to the moon. Unlike other ancient fantastic literature (e.g.
> Gilgamesh epic), it is not of mythical or sacral nature, but rather
> true storytelling. The book has a briliant and very informative
> introduction. Oh, and it's in English, only single Greek phrases are
> in, ahem, *Greek*, esp. in the endnotes.

I know the story and you are right it is a true classic, but it should
be interesting to see this version of it. Will have to take a peek. ;)
> Digital Inkwell's NewtGreek 1.0 font with very extensive documentation
> can be found here:
> _Other%20Newton%20Applications/_Fonts (required with above mentioned
> Lucian edition).
> Oh, and didn't Paul also have something on bookmaking with varying
> fonts somewhere over at Kallisys? Lemme see... Can't find it... Must
> mistake this with somebody else.

Well like I said, it is peaty easy in Press *If* you can find a matching
font. Some Newt fonts are based on common desktop fonts, others are
difficult to match.
> As is currently offline

Thanks for adding this to the archive, I thought I downloaded it
earlier, but couldn't find it (got to be around here somewhere.....oh
well at least I have a copy now for sure).

> >Perhaps Our venerable Newton Press experts, the DJ and the squirrel
> killer can \
> >comment? :) And anyone with experience using Bookmaker?
> Paging Digital Dan. He strong in the Bookmaker, me mere padawan to his
> Bookmaker mastery.

Well thanks for the compliment DJ, but I doubt I am that good lol.
Anyway with regards to Press, it is easy as I stated above. But you can
also do your main text in RTF using the font you want then import it
into Press. Provided you have dropped the corresponding font in the
Press folder. If you haven't it will will use Espy (which is the
default system font). But you should see this after importing, so you
won't have to install the book into your Newt to find out something is
wrong (or at least it *should*, as with anything you should test it to
make sure).

With Bookmaker it is similar. You create a RTF file with the font you
want. And this also requires you to have a matching Newton font
installed on your desktop. If they don't match, you will get Espy on
your Newt. So you don't do anything special with Bookmaker, other than
making a RTF file with a different font.

As for right to left texts, I don't know of a way to write it directly
like that. You would have to write it as it as you see
it.....backwards. Probably a little app could be written to do this
automatically, but that is currently beyond my abilities.


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