Re: [NTLK] End of file error in making book

From: Dan (
Date: Sun Jul 17 2005 - 08:10:27 PDT

Michael L'Heureux wrote:
> I've been trying to follow the instructions from the Newton Bookmaking
> tutorial on UNNA to create a multi-format book, but haven't been able
> to. For some reason, I get an error when I try to build the package in
> NTK. I've tried playing with different options, etc, but it seems that
> its the extra code at the end of the file that is causing the problem,
> since things work fine if I remove it.
> Could not complete the "Build Package" command because end of file.
> What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?
> ML
Ok first off, where exactly are you getting the problem? In Bookmaker
OR in Newton Tool Kit? It sounds like you are having a problem with
NTK. And what "extra code" are you talking about that is causing the
problem? And finally in NTK did you create a new project then in the
project settings set it for a book (last tab). It won't work without
this setting. I should have all the settings listed in the tutorial.
Some change from package to package though (like package name, copyright
, date, compression on or off (personally I turn it on, makes for a
smaller book upon install), etc.

If this is does not help, I need more information on exactly where the
error is occurring to be able to assist you further


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