Re: [NTLK] Greyscale pictures w/ Mac BookMaker

From: Dan (
Date: Sun Jul 17 2005 - 08:17:15 PDT

Michael L'Heureux wrote:
> Lately, I've been experimenting with Bookmaker using MS Word 5.1 (which
> I've found does a better job than Word 2004 & RTF), but haven't been
> able to figure out how to add greyscale images to my books. I seem to
> remember reading somewhere that this was possible...
> Thanks for any advice!
> ML
Well first off Bookmaker doesn't work with grayscale (it only works with
black and white bitmaps). To do that you really need to use Press. But
regardless you should first convert the picture to 16 grayscale with a
image editor and save it in PICT format. Then in press set format to
either MP2000 or Emate then add the image. Press tries to convert
images on the fly and it is often worse than just editing the images
yourself first. I get much better quality by editing/converting first.
  Also you can add the image to the RTF file and then import that into
Press, but make sure you convert them to 16 grayscale first.


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