Re: [NTLK] nSync 0.3.3 <--> iCal 2.0.2 (Notes sync problem)

From: Jon Scordia (
Date: Sun Jul 17 2005 - 12:28:13 PDT

Alex, I'm glad it works for me some hope!=20

I've been struggling today with nSync 0.33. I'm using a serial connection v=
ia a Keyspan serial adaptor (which works fine for NewtTen or Escale install=
ation of packages) I can make the connection but on attempting to syncronis=
e Notes the Newton hangs (Newt 2000).

Does anyone have any ideas why this happens?=20

My simple aim here is to get text OFF of the Newton onto the Mac or PC and =
I'm starting to crack!

On the PC NCU gives me a type -1 error when I try to export a Newtworks doc=
. (I think that's the error, I'm not near the pc just now)

The Mac is too new to boot into OS9.2, I can only use the classic environme=
nt. The NCU for mac installer requires all other apps to quit when it runs,=
 and when you click OK it crashes the classic finder and (I assume) itself.=
 Anyone know a way round this 'bootstrapping' problem?=20

Thanks to all on the list for your continuing support!!!


On Sunday, July 17, 2005, at 05:26PM, Alex Le=E3o <> wrot=

>Hello fellow users of nSync,
>I sync my Tiger AddressBook and Names with great success using nSync
>0.3.3. What a smooth process this time (TCP/IP WiFi)!!! I got the
>plugins to sync ToDos and Notes. The sync and backup of Notes works

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