Re: [NTLK] RES: ata error

From: Dan (
Date: Wed Jul 20 2005 - 08:06:11 PDT

Well I still doubt it was the AC adapter, but just the time the card
died unless your Newton is damaged now and not working properly, then
the AC adapter might have damaged the card. Regardless don't use THAT
AC adapter again! Using non-Newton adapters kills more than anything else

As for batteries, do you have it set to "never sleep"? Check in the
preferences under "sleep" and make sure it is set to shut off after a
certain period of time.

As for your screen, sounds like "Jagies", a condition where when you put
the pen in one position, it draws in another. Make sure that your hand
is not touching the screen, only the stylus (pen) tip is touching). One
easy thing to try if you still have problems, take a very thin piece of
card (a business card for example) and slide it under the edge of the
screen case all the way around around. Some people have found dirt
under their and after this, the problem disappeared. Others can tell
you more. Sometimes the only certain way to get rid of "jagies" is to
get another Newt.


> I think the ac adapter was the one who toasted the card, because I =
> insert
> (the card) into my MP2K and use it about one or two days. When I =
> connected
> the ac adapter, the card stop to work and them appeared the error code
> -10572.=20
> My AC adapter is not an apple made. It is an adaptation. I avoid to use =
> it,
> since then. My MP2K has more two problems:
> 1- it drags batteries a lot. I use 4 2500A and it works about two days.
> 2- the pen writes well only in some positions of screen. Do you =
> understand?
> I have to write under de position that I want to the trace appears, in =
> some
> place of the screen.
> Can I fix it?
> Thanks

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