[NTLK] JAE interconnect parts

From: Chris Sladky (rsladky_at_buckeye-express.com)
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 11:09:52 PDT

I know this is really bad timing, but my internet connection will be
down for probably about the next week for maintenance and upgrading. I
may be able to get on through other means (i.e. dial up or library),
but maybe not, and if I do, please be understanding if replies, etc.
take a while. Anyway, feel free to send in emails and orders during
this time, though, and I'll try to get to them asap. Hopefully I'll be
able to get out some pictures and maybe start filling orders next week.
In the meantime, I found some more; I still have 31 unspoken for, at
$20 each. Keep in mind that there is a huge profit incentive here if
someone wanted to take advantage of it, as one could easily make these
into dongles and sell them for a high price (especially since I believe
Apple & third parties never released dongles other than the standard
serial one). I would expect that a completed dual-serial port dongle
and/or one with audio capabilities could probably be sold for a nice
profit. Anyway, thanks again; feel free to continue sending emails,
information, and orders; I'll try to get to them as fast and best as I
can. Thanks!

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