Re: [NTLK] Linear Flash on Mac/PC?

From: Dan (
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 14:49:42 PDT

>>Does anyone know of any software which will allow a Mac or a PC to
>>access and write to linear flash cards?
> Not directly. There was a PC application mentioned on the list that
> allows you to dump the contents Linear flash card to a file on the
> computer and upload it to another card. As for accessing the card
> like a ATA card, that is not possible.
Actually what you are referring to is if the card is formated in a
Newton. If that is the case then you are correct and can't access the
data directly but can copy it using Linux and a program that can copy it
byte for byte. But if the card is formated in a PC or Mac, then you
certainly can use them providing you have the drivers and such (which
should be included with windows 2000 and above, I don't know about Mac


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