[NTLK] [FS] Round... what, four? Newton Stands and flash cards for sale

From: Victor Rehorst (victor_at_newtontalk.net)
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 16:58:39 PDT

Yes, yes, there's more. Some of you might be ticked at me for bring this
stuff out gradually... well, it's been tough to part with some of it.

(I ship worldwide, payment via PayPal)

In This message:
-Hi-Rizer/Hi-Rizer Xpress stands
-Newton MP2100 with SER-001 installed *(not perfect though)
-Working Linear Flash cards
-Non-working linear flash card

*Hi-Rizer and Hi-Rizer Xpress stands*
        -Photos: http://www.chuma.org/photos/hi-rizer/

I have one Hi-Rizer stand and one Hi-Rizer Xpress stand. The Hi-Rizer is
sized for a 2x00 model, and holds the Newton on a metal plate lined with foam,
with fingers in appropriate places to keep it in place. The plate is mounted
on an arm, which has two ball joints that can be locked with a cam. So it can
be rotated to hold the Newton in landscape mode, or adjusted and held at
basicially any angle or position imaginable.

The Xpress stand is also sized for a 2x00, but is a much simpler hinged stand.
  Landscape use is a bit awkward, but the stand folds flat for easy transport.

Both are made of aluminum alloy metal with durable foam padding where the
Newton rests, with all rubber feet on the bottom for no slippage.

Unfortunately the Hi-Rizer company was not around for very long, and I don't
think many of these stands were ever made. I'm thinking $100 USD for both...
it's nice to have one at home and one at the office. Together they weigh
about 1.2KG.

*Newton MP2100, SER-001 installed, stylus, Apple NiMH, 1 card blank*

I've been keeping this one as a backup unit for a while now, it also served as
an NPDS server for a while. The screen on this one is quite nice, there is a
very thin ~1cm scratch in the middle of the screen though. Outside, it still
has the screen cover and both screen retaining clips on the back, but parts of
the case are missing the finishing layer. The Apple logo is half
scratched-off. There is a SER-001 installed, however the case doesn't quite
come together at the top because of it.

IIRC, this unit has an alignment problem. In the lower-left corner of the
screen (in standard portrait mode), the pen always registers about half a
centimeter above or below of the actual point. :|

There's a card blank in this one, and the original stylus, and an Apple NiMH
pack - status unknown. I haven't powered this on in a while and I think my
only AC adapter is at work :(.

How about... $50 USD.

* Linear Flash Cards *

All these cards are used, but in good working order.

2x 4MB Centennial Linear Flash Cards (model FL04M-20-11138-61). I believe
these are 5V/12V cards, meaning they will not work in an eMate (but will work
in all other models).

1x 4MB Apple-branded card. This card *will* work in an eMate.

1x 6MB Intel Value Series 100 card. This card *will* work in an eMate.

Make me offers on any of the above cards.

* Non-Working cards *

1x 12MB Pretec Linear flash card. This card was working until the CIS
information got zapped on it. If you have the right hardware and/or software
to re-write the CIS, I'm sure it'll spring back to life. If you don't know
what CIS info is, you don't want this card. Make me an offer.

1x 40MB Toshiba ATA PCMCIA card. This is a full-size Type II PCMCIA ATA flash
card. I had tested it and tested it with ATA Support ages ago to no avail.
It works fine on other operating systems. Make me an offer.

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