[NTLK] Help with GPS Unit (and PT100)

From: Dan Lingman (dlingman_at_rogers.com)
Date: Sat Jul 23 2005 - 06:28:28 PDT

Hello all. I've got a Centennial SATNAV GPS PCMCIA Card that I've been
trying on and off to get working.

I've tried the init strings that the GPS Map docs specify (and I'd actually
paid for GPS Map when I got the card).

So far, no data received.


hooking it up to pt100 reveals something a bit weird.


It doesn't matter what settings I set this to, I always get a buffer
overflow warning popup.


when I set the speed to 4800, 8N1, none, I get a stream of )'s coming out on
the screen of pt100.

doesn't matter if I paste in the init strings, nothing seems to happen. (and
yes, I'm substituting the correct

data and time for where GPS Map had #UT and #UD)


If I set the speed to 9600,8N1, none, I still get the buffer overflow
warnings, but I'm also getting 00066 showing up on the screen.


after leaving it like that for a long time, I'll occasionally get a
$GPGGA00066 coming up.


I'd thought that NMEA needed 4800 to work, but the fact that I'm getting a
string occasionally at 9600 would seem to indicate otherwise.


Does anyone out there have one of these cards working with the Newton, and
if so, what did you do.

Failing that, any ideas on what to do about the buffer overflow messages
from PT100?


Thanks in advance.

Dan Lingman, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

(currently 1351 messages behind in NTK, but scanning ahead watching for GPS


Dan Lingman

Digital Matrix



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