Re: [NTLK] Help with GPS Unit (and PT100)

From: Johannes Wolf (
Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 07:34:22 PDT

I would suggest to put the card into a PC, running Hyperterm or any other
terminal program in order to find out what speed the card is set to.
The thing is: as long as you do not know the actual setting of the card you
can hardly communicvate with it in order to set the correct Baud rate and
Since a PC is faster and has more flexibility in setting the baud rate you
might have a better chance.
And do not forget: in order to get reasonable GPS data you need to have a
clear sky above the card ;-))


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> Hello all. I've got a Centennial SATNAV GPS PCMCIA Card that I've been
> trying on and off to get working.

> I've tried the init strings that the GPS Map docs specify (and
> I'd actually
> paid for GPS Map when I got the card).

> So far, no data received.

> hooking it up to pt100 reveals something a bit weird.

> It doesn't matter what settings I set this to, I always get a buffer
> overflow warning popup.

> when I set the speed to 4800, 8N1, none, I get a stream of )'s
> coming out on
> the screen of pt100.

> doesn't matter if I paste in the init strings, nothing seems to
> happen. (and
> yes, I'm substituting the correct

> data and time for where GPS Map had #UT and #UD)

> If I set the speed to 9600,8N1, none, I still get the buffer overflow
> warnings, but I'm also getting 00066 showing up on the screen.

> after leaving it like that for a long time, I'll occasionally get a
> $GPGGA00066 coming up.

> I'd thought that NMEA needed 4800 to work, but the fact that I'm getting a
> string occasionally at 9600 would seem to indicate otherwise.

> Does anyone out there have one of these cards working with the Newton, and
> if so, what did you do.

> Failing that, any ideas on what to do about the buffer overflow messages
> from PT100?

> Thanks in advance.

> Dan Lingman, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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