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From: Andrew Beals (
Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 15:00:00 PDT

On 2005-jul-27, at 14:33, wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 27, 2005 at 05:04:32PM -0400, Rurish wrote:
>> Hey I warned you people- Im new and bound to ask dumb questions. =-)
>> I have been playing with nsync to sync the mac with the newton but it
>> fails on the calendar.
>> I was thinking maybe there was a different calender application for
>> the newton that would work better and maybe I was in the dark
>> about it.
>> So - to rephrase....
>> Is there a way to sync ical with the newton and have the newton
>> remind me when a appointment is approaching? (like ical does)
> The way to sync ical is to fix/improve nSync.

Yeah. But the Address Book syncing is broken so that gets fixed
first. (^: First I fixed the bug wherein it crashed if someone had
more than one email address. Offered the fix to the Nowhereman very
very early Sunday morning (Pacific), no response back from him yet.
Of course, once you have that, you find out that if your address book
is anywhere near complex (multiple numbers for people (hey, I live in
Silicon Valley)), newtsync will severely damage your Address Book.
Danger Will Robinson! I'm looking into that now. It's using the
standard Cocoa AB interface methods so I'm not sure what's wrong, but
I've read in the list archives that it will stomp data (er,
duplicate?) if someone only has a first name or only a last name,
that sort of thing.

     Andy Beals

ps. Please feel free to send me your newtsync address book
complaints (with isolated examples!) off-list.
pps. I do intend on shipping all of the code back to Chris
(Nowhereman) once I'm done. I do appreciate the work he's put into
commenting the original code and the fixes he's put in.

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